Hemis Festival Ladakh 2022

The Hemis Festival Ladakh is one of the most tourist-friendly and famous religious festivals celebrated in Leh, Ladakh. This festival is a celebration of the birth anniversary of Lord Padmasambhava, who is the founder of Tibet Tantric Buddhism. This tour package includes 6 nights and is best undertaken during any time of the year except May to August.

Before this Hemis Festival starts, you get day one to acclimatize with the high altitude of Leh. You can utilize your time with the Indus Valley Tour – visiting the different monasteries that dot the place like Thiksey Monastery and Shey Monastery which are beautifully imposing and esoteric. A walk down the local village paths in Leh will also be a wonderful way to spend the evening and gear up for the Hemis Festival the next day.

Day four is all about witnessing the Hemis Festival in Ladakh. The majestic Hemis Gompa, the largest and most important Buddhist monastery in the entire Ladakh is the venue for this festival. The entire day is dedicated for you to experience this spiritual mysticism of the Buddhist religion that is marked by the famous Hemis Dance. Here, the participants wear mysterious masks. These uncanny masks are the most important part of the dance and the festival. Every mask represents a story behind the myth that is being displayed. The music is also grand and thrilling, surrounded by trumpets, drums, and cymbals. The fifth and sixth include visits to the Lamayuru Gompa, Likir and Alchi Gompa, which are day-long excursions from Leh.

Nagaland Tribal Tour

Nagaland Tribal Tour: Nagaland’s blue-hued mountains and emerald expanses comprise an intriguing world of ancient rituals and proud people. Nagas has evolved into a generic term for many tribal communities in the North East.

There are 16 major and numerous sub-tribes spread over Nagaland’s seven districts. Main among them are the Angamis, the Sema, Konyak, Aas, and the Rengmas, each with their own distinct culture and lifestyle. Naga Society is a well-knit and cohesive unit living by ancient tenets that play an important role in contemporary life. The trip showcases the wealth of Naga tradition.