About Assam

Assam, in North East India, is a gold mine of normal magnificence and different history, staying as one of the most plentiful immaculate districts in the country. Known as the place where there is ‘Blue Hills and Red River’, the state is home to wild backwoods, strong waterways, and sections of land and sections of land of tea estates. 

Prominently known as the home to the one-horned rhino, the state is one of the top biodiversity areas of interest in the whole world. With the lofty Brahmaputra stream, eminent slopes, rich greenery, the state is each traveler’s heaven. One of the most gorgeous territories of India, Assam is the doorway to the captivating and unexploited northeastern piece of the country.

A genuine heaven, Assam imparts global lines to both Bangladesh and Bhutan and brags of its lively culture and beautiful magnificence, as well as its verifiable importance. The state partakes in an environment like tropical districts and has evergreen vegetation consistently.

Guwahati, the biggest city, known as the city of sanctuaries, is home to Maa Kamakhya Devi Temple, quite possibly the most consecrated sanctuaries for Hindu. One more lovely feature of the state is Majuli, which is the biggest waterway island on the planet and is popular for its dynamic Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture. Further up north, situated close to the Dibru waterway, is Dibrugarh city, known as the Tea City of India.

Hajo, a very old journey community for not a couple however three unique religions, remains as a delightful illustration of the mainstream variety that exists in India. The region is spotted with various sanctuaries, mosques and temples, and other strict and sacrosanct curios. Haflong, Assam’s just slope station, is an incredibly lovely spot, set apart with moving mountains and rich green valleys.


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